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Index: 411 413 416
Titre: CLARYSSE Willy, Greek Accents on Egyptian Names.
Publication: ZPE 119 (1997) pp. 177-184.
Résumé: 1. How did Greeks accentuate foreign words and names? - 2. Accents on Egyptian names and words with Greek endings: 1. Names ending in -ις, gen. -εως or -ιος; 2. Names ending in -ευς, gen. -εως; 3. Names ending in -ης, genit. -ου; 4. Names ending in -ης, gen. -εους or -ειους; 5. Names ending in -ος, genit. -ου; 6. Names ending in vowel or diphthong + ς, genitive in -τος; 7. Toponyms in neuter plural; 8. Individual cases. - 3. Accents on Egyptian words without Greek endings.
No: 1997-0127

Provisional output

66430. Willy Clarysse, "Greek Accents on Egyptian Names.," ZPE, 119 (1997), pp. 177-184. [xml] [edit]