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2097 = Trismegistos 60037 = LDAB 1151


This fragment contains the bottoms of two columns, written in medium-sized sloping hand which suggests a date around the middle of the third century.

DCLP transcription: 60037 [xml]

column i
[ -ca.?- τ]ῶ̣ν―
[μὲν αὐτόθεν τ]ῶ̣ν̣ δὲ
[5 lines missing]
3[των παῖδ]ας λαβὼν
[καὶ κατασ]τήσας ἐς
5[Νάξον καὶ] γὰρ (hand 2) τα̣[ύ]τη[ν]
[ὁ Πεισίστ]ρ̣ατος κα[τ]ε-
[στρέψα]το π̣[ο]λέμωι
[καὶ ἐπέτ]ρεψε Λυγ ((diastole)) δάμι
column ii
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
9φευγ[ότας καὶ ἐόντας]
10ἤδ[η τῶι πολέωι καθυ-]
περτέρους [Τεγεητέων]
ἐπὶ [γ]ὰρ Λέο[ν]το[ς](*)[ καὶ Ἡ-]
γησικλέος ἐν Σπά[ρτηι]
τοὺς ἄλλους πολέ[μους]
15εὐτυχέοντες οἱ [Λακε-]
[δ]αιμόνιοι· πρὸς Τεγεή-
[τ]ας μούνους προσέπτα[ι-]
ον· τὸ δὲ ἔτι πρότερον
τούτων καὶ κακονο-
20μώτατοι ἦσαν σχεδὸν
[ἁ]πάντων(*) Ἑλλήνων
κατά τε σφέας αὐτοὺ[ς]
καὶ ξείνοισι ἀπρόσμι(*)


^ ii.12. Λέοντος βασιλεύοντος codd.
^ ii.21. πάντων codd.
^ ii.23. corr. ex ἀπρόσαμι

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  • 8.

    The apostrophe between the γ and the δ is uncertain, but without it there is more ink than the letters will account for. It is alternatively possible that a mistake was made.

  • 9.

    The preceding πε- of πεφευγότας would have been on the previous line before the break in the papyrus.

  • 11.

    Paragraphos indicates the end of a sentence after Τεγεητέων

  • 12.

    βασιλεύοντος does not appear on the papyrus but is present in MSS. Its absence on the papyrus perhaps follows epigraphic dating conventions.

  • 16.

    The purpose of the stop is to disconnect πρὸς Τεγεή from the preceding participle.

  • 18.

    Paragraphos indicates end of a sentence after -ον Middot may indicate end of the section after -ον

  • 21.

    [α]πάντων is demanded by the spacing.

  • 23.

    The superfluous α was canceled by a long vertical stroke and by an overwritten dot. The remaining -κτοι of ἀπρόσμικτοι would have been produced on the following page.