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o.trim.1.1 = HGV O.Trim. 1 1 = Trismegistos 131049 = trimithis.apis.2

DDbDP transcription: o.trim.1.1 [xml]

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1Σ̣α̣ραπίω(νι) Ὥρου   ̣[ -ca.?- ]
Ὥρῳ Παθώτου α ὁμ(οίως) δ
κη Γέροντι Παμουν μάρια ν
Ὥρῳ Ἀκύσιος ιε
5Ὥρῳ ὀνηλάτῃ η
Σαραπίωνι Ὥρου εἰς υἱῷ(*) Ἡρακ(  )
δ(ιὰ) υἱοῦ Ἀμμω(νίου) Φιλίσκ(ου) δ
Ἐπεὶφ ιγ
μέρο̣(ς) Ψεναμ(ούνιος) Παθώτ(ου) ιϛ
10ἔσχον ἀπὸ Ἀκύλα
[ -ca.?- ]  ̣ α̣(*) / / Παῦν̣ι̣ κ


^ 6. l. υἱὸν
^ 11. or [ἰν]δ̣(ικτίωνος) α̣, or [(ἔτους)]   ̣α̣

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APIS Translation (English)

To Sarapion son of Horos. To Horos son of Pathotes 1, likewise 4. 28th (vac.). To Geron son of Pamoun, 50 maria. To Horos son of Akysis, 15. To Horos the donkey-driver, 8. To Sarapion son of Horos for the son of Herak( ) through the son of Ammonios son of Philiskos, 4. Epeiph 13. Share of Psenamounis son of Pathotes 16. I got from Aquila . . . [- -] 1, Pauni 20