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p.lund.4.9 = HGV P.Lund. 4 9 = Trismegistos 11881 = lund.apis.3 = sb.6.9346

DDbDP transcription: p.lund.4.9 [xml]

AD156-70 Bacchias
[Reprinted from: sb.6.9346] SB6,9346

Γ̣λ̣αυκ[ί]ᾳ Ἑρμαΐσκου γε-
[καὶ] Ἀ̣σ̣κληπιάδῃ ἀντιγυμ(νασιαρχοῦντι)
5καὶ Σαραπίωνι ἀρχιερατ[εύ-]
σαντι Ἁ̣δριανείου καὶ
Ἁρδβῇ τῷ καὶ Ἀπολλωνίῳ
διαδόχῳ οραπ̣[ε]ίας καὶ ἀρχ[ι-]
[π]ροφητείας καὶ   ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣ιαυτ  ̣
10[  ̣  ̣  ̣]μ̣  ̣η̣ καὶ Π̣α̣χθεῖνι τῷ
κ̣α̣ὶ Ἁριμούθῃ τοὶς σὺν
[αὐτ]ο̣ῖ̣ς̣ ἱερογραμματεῦσι.
Ψ̣ε̣ν̣αθῦμις Πρείσκου
ἱερεὺς Σούχου ἱεροῦ κώμ(ης)
15[Βα]κ̣χιάδος τοῦ Ἀρσινοείτου ν(ομοῦ)
καὶ   ̣‡1  ̣ις Πετεύριος
ἱερεὺς ἱεροῦ Ἄμμωνος
τῆς αὐτῆς κώ[μ]ης οἱ δύο
π̣[α]ρ̣εκομίσαμεν πρὸς
20[τὴν] τοῦ ἀποθεωθέντο̣[ς]
Ἄπιδος Γ̣λαμηοῦς κηδ[ε]ί̣-
αν καὶ ταφὴν ὑπὲρ τῶν
[π]ροκειμένων ἱερῶν
[ἑ]κάστου βύσσου πήχ(εις)
25[ -ca.?- ]  ̣  ̣  ̣επι̣τ[ -ca.?- ]
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APIS Translation (English)

Enclosure (?); To Glaukias, son ofHermaiskos and former gymnasiarch, to Asklepiades, deputy-gymnasiarch, to Sarapion, former chief-priest at the temple of Hadrian, to Hardbes, also called Apollonios, deputy of orapeia(?) and deputy head of the prophets and to the sacred scribes with them, ...., also called .... and Pachtheinis, also called Harimouthes.;Psenathtymis, son of Preiskos and priest at the Souchos temple in the village of Bakchias in the Arsinoite nome and, son of Peteuris and priest at the Ammon temple of the same village, we two have, to the funeral and interment of the deified Apis, the offspring of Glameo, brought, on behalf of each of the above-mentioned temples, ..... cubits of linen.