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p.mich.11.608 = HGV P.Mich. 11 608 = Trismegistos 37322 = michigan.apis.2331

DDbDP transcription: p.mich.11.608 [xml]

VIspc ?

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2ἀ̣ρτ[α]β̣[- ca.30 -]
ἀρτάβα[ς](*)[ τε]σ̣σ̣ερα[ς](*)[ ἡ]μ̣ι̣σ̣ο̣υ̣(*) κ̣α̣ὶ̣ ο̣ἴνου̣ πενταξ-
εστι(*)έων(*) σηκωμάτων διακωσί[ων](*) ,
5[γ]ί(νεται) χρ(υσοῦ) νο(μισμάτια) δ εἰς κριθ(ῆς) ἀ(ρτάβας) ιη καὶ σίτ(ου) ἀ(ρτάβας) ι[η] αὶ [λα-]
[χαν](οσπέρμου) ἀ(ρτάβας) δ 𐅵 καὶ(*) οἴ(*)ν(ου) πε[ν]ταξεσ(τιαῖα) ση̣κ(ώματα) σ̣·
[ὅν]περ σῖτον καὶ κριθὸν καὶ λαχ(ανόσπερμον) νέον καθ(αρὸν)
[κε]κ̣ωσκιν(*) μέτρῳ Φὶβ Μὸ̣σ̣χ ἐπάναγκες
[ἀ]ποδώσω σοι(*) ἐν τῷ Παῦνι μηνὶ τῆς α ἰνδ(ικτίονος),
10[ὅ]νπερ ἶνον(*) παρὰ ληλὼν(*) ἀπὸ κλαύγους(*) ἄδολο[ν]
<σοῦ> π̣α̣ρέχοντος τὰ κοῦφ(α) ἐπάναγκες ἀποδώσ(ω)
ἐν τῇ τρύ̣[γ]ῃ τοῦ Μεσ[ο]ρὴ μηνὸς ἴνου(*) ῥύσεως
τῆς α(*)νδ(ικτίονος) καρπο͂ν(*) β ἐπεινεμήσεως(*) ἀνυπερ(θέτως)·
ἀναδέχομαι δὲ τὴν τοῦ οἴνου καλονὴν(*) καὶ
15παραμονὴν μέχρι(*) ὅλου τοῦ Τῦβι(*) μηνι(*)(*) καὶ εἴγε
εὑριθείη(*) ἐν αὐδο(*) ὀη(*) ἤγουν φαῦλα ἐμὲ ταῦτα ἀλλάξ̣[αι]
καὶ τὰ σα(*) σοι(*) παρασχ(εῖν) ἐν προτίῳ(*) οἴνῳ κινδ(ύνῳ)
τῶν ἐμοὶ ὑπαρ(χόντων) ὑποκ(ειμένων) εἰς τοῦτο. κύριον τὸ γρ(αμματεῖον)
ἁπλοῦν γραφ(ὲν) καὶ ἐπερω(τηθεὶς) ὡμολόγησα.
20 ((unintelligible )) Αὐρήλιος Ὀνοφρίου(*) Ῥαχὴλ ὁ προκεγραμενος̣(*)
ἔσχον τιμὴν πλήρης καὶ συμφονῆ(*) με(*)
π[ά]ντα τὰ ἐνγεγραμένα(*) ὡς πρόκειτε(*).
[ -ca.?- ]νίδου  ̣  ̣  ̣[- ca.10 - κριθ(ῆς)] ἀ(ρτάβαι) ιη καὶ
σίτ(ου) ἀ(ρτάβαι) ιη καὶ λαχ(ανοσπέρμου)
ἀ(ρτάβαι) δ 𐅵 κ̣[αὶ -ca.?- ]
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


^ r.3. l. ἀρταβῶ[ν]
^ r.3. l. [τε]σσάρω[ν]
^ r.3. l. [ἡ]μίσους
^ r.3-4. l. π[ενταξ]|εστιαίων : πενταξ-εστϊεων papyrus
^ r.4. l. διακοσί[ων]
^ r.6. καϊ papyrus
^ r.6. οϊν(ου) papyrus
^ r.8. l. [κε]κοσκιν(ευμένον)
^ r.9. σοϊ papyrus
^ r.10. l. οἶνον
^ r.10. l. ληνὸν
^ r.10. l. γλεύκους
^ r.12. l. οἴνου
^ r.13. ϊνδ(ικτίονος) papyrus
^ r.13. l. καρπῶν
^ r.13. l. ἐπινεμήσεως
^ r.14. l. καλ<λ>ονὴν
^ r.15. μεχρϊ papyrus
^ r.15. τυβϊ papyrus
^ r.15. l. μηνὸς : μηνϊ papyrus
^ r.16. l. εὑρεθείη
^ r.16. l. αὐτῷ
^ r.16. l. ὄ<ξ>η
^ r.17. l. <ἴ>σα
^ r.17. σοϊ papyrus
^ r.17. l. πρωτείῳ
^ r.20. l. Ὀνόφριος
^ r.20. l. προγεγραμ<μ>ενος
^ r.21. l. συμφωνεῖ
^ r.21. l. μοι
^ r.22. l. ἐνγεγραμ<μ>ένα
^ r.22. l. πρόκειται

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APIS Translation (English)

[- - - I acknowledge that I have received from you four gold solidi and that I will deliver to you eighteen artabai of barley, eighteen artabai of wheat,] four and one-half artabai of vegetable seed, and two hundred five-sextarii jars of wine, total 4 gold solidi for 18 art. barley, 18 art. wheat, 4 1/2 art. vegetable seed, and 200 five-sextarii jars of wine. This wheat, barley, and vegetable seed I will necessarily deliver to you in the month of Pauni of the first indiction, new, clean, and seived, by the measure of Phib, son of Mosch; this wine, for which you shall supply the vessels, I will necessarily deliver at the vat, in the form of unadulerated must, in the vintage of the month of Mesore, from the wine vintage of the first indiction, the crops of the second indiction, without delay; and I guarantee the goodness and durability of the wine up to and including the whole month of Tybi, and if there be found in it any sour or inferior wines I will replace them and supply you with the same amount in wine of the best quality, at the risk of my property, which is mortgaged (to you) for this. The document, written in one copy, is valid, and whena sked the formal question I so declared.;I, the afore-mentioned Aurelius Onophrios, son of Rachel, have received the price in full and all the terms are satisfactory to me as above stated.;;(Verso);;[- - -] 18 artabai of barley, 18 artabai of wheat, 4 1/2 artabai of vegetable seed, and [- - -]