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p.mich.12.631 = HGV P.Mich. 12 631 = Trismegistos 21370 = michigan.apis.1527

DDbDP transcription: p.mich.12.631 [xml]

AD185 ?

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1ἀπὸ μητρο[πόλ(εως). βουλό]μ̣ε-
θα μισθώσασθ[αι] παρʼ ὑ-
μῶν τοὺς ἐπικει[μ]ένους
καρποὺς φο̣ινικῶνος
5Πτάτον̣ λεγο(μένου) πρὸς τὸ ἐνεσ(τὸς)
κϛ (ἔτος) Αὐρηλίου Κομμόδου
Ἀντωνίνου Καίσαρος τοῦ
κυρίου, φόρου ἀργυρίου
δραχμῶν ἑκατόν , τὴν
10δὲ ἀπόδοσιν τοῦ φόρου
ποιησόμεθα ἐν μηνὶ
Φαῶφι καὶ Ἁθὺρ ἐξ ἴσου
ἐὰν φαίνητ(αι) μισθ(ῶσαι).
Ἄρειος ὡς (ἐτῶν) λγ οὐλ(ὴ)
15ἀντικ(νημίῳ) δεξ(ιῷ),
Χαιρή(μων) ὡς (ἐτῶν) λε οὐλ(ὴ)
ἀντικ(νημίῳ) ἀριστ(ερῷ)
εἰκονίσθ(ησαν) φά(μενοι) μὴ εἰδ(έναι) γρά(μματα).
(ἔτους) κε Αὐρηλίου Κομμόδου
20Ἀντωνίνου Καίσ[α]ρ[ος] τοῦ
κυρίου Μεσορὴ κϛ̣.

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APIS Translation (English)

[- - -] from the metropolis. We wish to lease from you the ripening crop of the palm grove called Ptaton(?) for the present 26th year of Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Caesar the lord, at a rent of one hundred drachmai of silver. We will make payment of the rent in the months of Phaophi and Hathyr in equal instalments, if it appears good to lease.;Arios, about 33 years old, with a scar on the right shin, and Chairemon, about 35 years old, with a scar on the left shin: their description was recorded, as they said they were illiterate.;Year 25 of Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Caesar the lord, Mesore 20.