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p.mich.8.479 = HGV P.Mich. 8 479 = Trismegistos 27092 = michigan.apis.2450 = oxford-ipap.apis.1627

DDbDP transcription: p.mich.8.479 [xml]

IIspc Karanis<Alexandria

Κλαύδιος Τερεντιανὸς Κλαυδίῳ Τιβεριανῷ
τῷ πατρὶ καὶ κ[υρί]ῳ πλεῖστα χ[α]ίρειν.
πρὸ μὲν πάντων εὔχομαί σε ὑ(*)γιαίνειν
καὶ εὐτυχεῖν, ὅ μοι εὐκταῖόν ἐστιν. θαυμά-
5ζω πῶς ἀναπλεύσας οὐκ ἀντέγραψάς
μοι περὶ τῆς σωτηρίας σου, ἀλλὰ ἕως σή-
μερ[ο]ν ἀγωνιῶ διότι vac. ? νωθρευόμε-
νος ἀπʼ ἐμοῦ ἐξῆλθες. καλῶς οὖν ποιήσεις
ταχύτερόν μοι ἀντιγράψαι περὶ τῆς σωτη-
10ρίας σου. ἀναδώσις(*) Ταβαθεῦτι τὴν ἐπισ-
τολὴν τὴν τοῦ διοικητοῦ πρὸς τὸν στρα-
τηγόν. πᾶν δὲ ποισάτω(*) ἀναδοῦναι αὐ-
τὴν ταχύτερον τῷ στρατηγῷ ἵ(*)να πρὸς τὰ
γραφέντα αὐτῷ καὶ αὐτὸς ταχέως ἀντι-
15γ[ρ]άψῃ. ἔμελλον κἀγὼ(*) ἀναπλεῦσαι ἀλ-
λὰ(*) [ο]ὔπω τὰ μετέωρά μου ἐξέπλεξα
ἕως σή[με]ρον. καὶ ἐὰν γνοις(*) περὶ Νεμ̣ε̣σ̣ι-
ανοῦ ποῦ διατρείβει(*) ἀντίγραψόν(*) μοι ἐπεὶ
ἀγωνιῶμεν καὶ περὶ αὐτοῦ. ἀσπάζονταί
20σε οἱ ἐμοί. ἄσπα[σ]αι πάντες(*) τοὺς φιλοῦν-
τές(*) σε κατʼ ὄνομα.
(hand 2) ἐρρῶ[σθα]ί σε
Κλαυδ[ί]ῳ Τιβερια[νῷ] τ̣ῷ̣ τ̣ει̣μ̣ι̣ω̣τ̣ά̣τ̣ῳ̣(*) π(αρὰ) Κλα[υδίου]


^ r.3. ϋγιαινειν papyrus
^ r.10. l. ἀναδώσεις
^ r.12. l. ποι<η>σάτω
^ r.13. ϊνα papyrus
^ r.15. l. καὶ ἐγὼ
^ r.15-16. corr. ex αλ⟦α̣λ̣⟧λα
^ r.17. l. γνῶς
^ r.18. l. διατρίβει
^ r.18. corr. ex αντιγραβον
^ r.20. l. πάντας
^ r.20-21. l. φιλοῦν|τάς
^ v.24. l. τιμιωτάτῳ

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APIS Translation (English)

Claudius Terentianus to Claudius Tiberianus, his father and lord, very many greetings. Before all else I pray for your health and prosperity, which are my wish. I marvel that after you sailed upcountry you did not write to me about your well-being, but until today I have been anxious because you were indisposed when you left me. Please, then, write me a reply at once concerning your well-being. You will deliver to Tabetheus the letter of the dioiketes for the strategos, and let her make every effort to deliver it to the strategos at once, so that he may reply quickly to what has been written to him. I also was intending to sail up, but until today I have not yet disposed of my affairs, which remain unsettled. And if you know about Nemesianus, where he is staying, write to me, since we are anxious about him too. All my people salute you. Salute all your friends, each by name. (2nd hand) I pray for your good health.;;(Verso) To his most esteemed Claudius Tiberianus from Claudius Terentianus.