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p.tebt.2.304 = HGV P.Tebt. 2 304 = Trismegistos 13464 = berkeley.apis.416

DDbDP transcription: p.tebt.2.304 [xml]

AD167-8 Tebtynis

Λογγίνῳ δεκαδάρχῃ(*) Ἀρσινωί(*)του
παρὰ Πακήβκις Ὀννώφρεως ἀπὸ
κώμης Τεπτύνεως ἱ(*)ερέως
ἀπολυσίμου τοῦ ἐν τῇ κώμῃ λογίμου
5(*)εροῦ. τῇ λ τοῦ Ἐπὶφ μηνὸς ὀψίας
τῆς ὥρας γενομένης ἐπῆλθέ τις
Σατορνῖλος {τις} σὺν ἑτέροις πλείσ-
τοις οὐκ οἶτα(*) ὅπως(*) μὴ ⟦  ̣⟧ δ̣εν ἄλογον(*)
ἀητίαν(*) συῆ̣ψαν(*) ἐπὶ τοσσοῦτον(*) ὥσ-
10τε μετὰ ξύλων ἰ(*)σπηδῆσαι(*) καὶ τὸν
ἀδελφόν μου Ὀννωφρις(*) συλαβόν-
τες(*) τραυματιαῖων(*) ἐποίησαν
ὡς ἐκ τούτου τῷ ζῆν κινδυνεύ-
ειν. ὅθεν, κύριε, εὐλαβῶς ἔχων τὸν
15περὶ τοῦ θαναθανάτου(*)αὐτοῦ κιν-
τυνων(*) ἐπειτιμι(*)καὶ ἀξιῶ καιλευ-
σ̣ε̣ται(*) ἀχθῆναι αὐτὸν ἐπὶ σὲ προς(*)
τὸ τὸ ἀκόλουθον γείνεσθαι
καὶ τυχεῖν με τῆς δεούσης
ἔτους η Ἀντωνίνου καὶ Οὐήρου
τῶν κυρίων Σεβαστῶν Ἀρμενι-
ακῶν Μητικῶν(*) Παρτικῶν(*)


^ 1. corr. ex δεκαταρχη
^ 1. αρσινωϊτου papyrus
^ 3. ϊερεωσ papyrus
^ 5. ϊερου. papyrus
^ 8. l. οἶδα
^ 8. corr. ex οπο̣ς
^ 8. l. δὲ, i.e. μοὶ, BL 7.271 : μηδ̣ένα (μηδ̣ενα corr. ex μη⟦  ̣⟧δ̣ενα) λόγον prev. ed.
^ 9. l. ἀηδίαν
^ 9. l. συ<ν>ῆ̣ψαν
^ 9. l. τοσοῦτον
^ 10. l. εἰσπηδῆσαι : ϊσπηδησαι papyrus
^ 11. l. Ὀννῶφριν
^ 11-12. l. συλλαβόν|τες
^ 12. l. τραυματιαῖον
^ 15. l. θανάτου
^ 15-16. l. κιν|δυνον
^ 16. l. ἐπιδίδωμι
^ 16-17. l. κελεῦ|σαι
^ 17. l. <ὥστε>
^ 23. l. Μηδικῶν
^ 23. l. Παρθικῶν

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APIS Translation (English)

To Longinus, decurion of the Arsinoite nome, from Pakebkis son of Onnophris from the village of Tebtunis, exempted priest of the famous temple in the village. On the 30th of the month Epeiph, when the hour was late, one Satorneilos, with a great many others, I know not why, having no complaint against us, picked a quarrel, going so far as to rush in with staves, and seizing my brother Onnophris they wounded him, so that his life is endangered in consequence. Wherefore, sir, being careful for the danger to his life, I submit this statement and beg you to order him (the perpetrator) to be brought before you so that he may take the consequences, and that I may obtain the requisite satisfaction. The 8th year of Antoninus and Verus the Lords Augusti Armeniaci Medici Parthici Maximi.