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p.mich.9.526 = HGV P.Mich. 9 526 = Trismegistos 12022 = michigan.apis.2368

DDbDP transcription: p.mich.9.526 [xml]

AD155 Karanis

Πτολεμαίῳ Βασιλ(ικῷ) γρα(μματεῖ) Ἀρσι(νοίτου) Θ(εμίστου) <καὶ> Ἡ̣ρ̣α̣κ(λείδου)
διαδεχο(μένῳ) καὶ(*) τὴν στρα(τηγίαν) τῆς Ἡρακ(λείδου) μερίδ(ος)
παρὰ Οὐαλερίας Ν̣ε̣ι̣λοῦτος θυγατρ̣[ὸς]
Γαίου Οὐαλερίου Μαξίμου Ἀντινοέως
5διὰ φροντιστοῦ Σερή̣ν̣ο̣υ̣ υ̣ἱοῦ Μ̣άρκ̣[ου]
Σεμπρωνίου Κο[ρν]ηλιανοῦ καὶ αὐτ̣ο̣ῦ̣
Ἀντινοέως. ἔχο[υσ]α̣ πρὸς Χαιρήμο̣[να]
Πεθέως ἀπὸ κ[ώμης] Καρανίδος
περὶ οὗ παρωρίσας(*) ἐμέ τε καὶ ἀδελ-
10φήν μου Οὐαλερίαν Σαραπιαδαν(*)
ἀφήλικα ἀντ[ι]λ̣α̣μ̣β̣άνεται ἐδά-
φους ἡμῶν ἐπʼ ἀρ̣ο̣ύ̣ρης ἥμισι(*) ἐν πεδί-
οις τῆς αὐτῆς Καρανίδος ἐν τόπῳ
ἐπικαλουμένῳ Κοιλάδι ἐξ οὗ οὐκ ὀ-
15λίγα κατʼ ἔτο̣[ς] εἰ(*)ς ἴδιον ἀπο-
φέρεται, καὶ τῶν κατʼ αὐτὸν δεομ̣[έ-]
νων τῆς τοῦ λαμπροτάτου ἡγεμόνος
Σεμπρωνίου Λιβερᾶλις διαγνώσεως
ἀξιῶ τούτου τὸ ἴσον διʼ ὑπηρέτου μετα-
20δοθῆναι αὐτῶι ἵνʼ ἔχων ἔνγ̣ρ̣α̣-
πτον παραγγελίαν [παραγένη-]
ται ὅπου ἐὰν ὁ τοῦ νομ̣[οῦ διαλογισ-]
μὸς ἢ δικαιοδοσία πυῆ[ται](*)[ ἀρκουμέ-]
νου μ[ο]υ τῇδε τῇ διασ̣τ̣[ολῇ].
25(ἔτους) ιη Ἀντωνείν[ου τοῦ κυρίου]
Φαμενὼθ ζ. (hand 2)   ̣  ̣  ̣[ -ca.?- ]
μετα[δ]έδωκα ἐνω[πίῳ -ca.?- ]


^ 2. W.G. Claytor (original) (via PN) : <καὶ τὰ> κατ(ὰ) prev. ed.
^ 9. l. παρορίσας
^ 10. l. Σαραπιάδα
^ 12. l. ἥμισυ
^ 15. εϊσ papyrus
^ 23. l. ποιῆ[ται]

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APIS Translation (English)

To Ptolemaios, royal secretary of the Arsinoite nome, Themistes and Herakleides divisions, acting strategos of the Herakleides division, from Valeria Neilous, daughter of Gaius Valerius Maximus, Antinoite, through her guardian, Serenus, son of Marcus Sempronius Cornelianus, also an Antinoite. Having a case against Chairemon, son of Petheus, from the village of Karanis, about property belonging to myself and to my sister Valeria Sarapias, who is a minor, which property he has encroached on and holds up to half an aroura in the plains of the said Karanis in the place called the �ǣHollow�ǥ, from which he takes no small profit for himself annually; and since the case concerning him requires the investigation of the most illustrious prefect, Sempronius Liberalis, I ask that a copy of this petition be transmitted to him through an assistant, so that, having received a written summons, he may be present wherever the assizes of the nome and judgment shall be held, since I am satisfied with the present statement.;The 18th year of Antoninus the lord, Phamenoth 7.;(2nd hand) I, . . ., have delivered it to him in person.