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HGV 23947 = princeton.apis.p58

APIS Translation (English)

. . . in Capricorn 21 degrees, house of Saturn, terms of Venus. The lot of Fortune was found in Cancer, 13 degrees, house of the moon, terms of Mercury; this (lot) indicates the measure of fortune. The lot of Daimon was found in Capricorn, 27 degrees, house of Saturn, terms of Mars; [l. 5] this (lot) indicates the way of life, as regards character and conduct. The lot of Eros was found in Taurus, 4 degrees, house and terms of Venus; this (lot) indicates the place (?) regarding friendship and association. The lot of Necessity was found in Aries, 6 degrees, house of Mars, terms of . . . ; this (lot) indicates the place (?) regarding enemies and every kind of misfortune. And then the whole . . . [l. 10] regarding the ruling of the nativity by those of the stars which have prevailing influence and of all the five (?) stars; the star of Mercury which had . . . control of rulership last . . . beware 17 (?) months after which it has passed the baneful [l. 15] climactic term and there comes the promise from the ruler of the nativity. Good luck! [hand 2] Nativity of Ophellios, year . . of Antoninus Caesar the Lord, . . . . . . 6 to 7, 7th hour of night.