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APIS Translation (English)

Year 18, 3rd month of the prt-season, day 16. A document of sale and cession which the farmer, servant of Sobek, Paesis (son of Paesis), his mother being Kloudj, made for me, about his half-share of his house which is built, one story together with his half-share of its court which is south of it. Their measurements: divine-cubits 20, south to north, by 10 divine-cubits, west to east, with their excess to them, which are in the southwestern quarter of P3-i-ir-p3-ntr, which came to him in the name of Paesis (son of) Pasis, they being in his occupation, [a] � of his father. Their boundaries are: south, the house of the woman Ta� (daughter of) Ta�; north, the road of Pharaoh to which it opens; west, the house (and) the court of Pasis the elder, (son of) Premanoubis and his brothers; east, the places of Hormayhes [which are in the occupation of] the son of Xantos and his brothers. The agreements are <what> has become the pledge for one talent at bronze 24, at the rate of 15 silver (deben) as interest to the talent for every month which shall stand on the day in which his hand shall reach my superior, daily, this secretary scribe at my command, Pasis the elder, (son of) Premanoubis, his mother being Takelem, without any blow on earth. Dionysios (and) Demetrios are [the] ones who shall write report in Kerkeosiris, <they being> under him (in) Kerke[osiris and �]yk, the one who is secretary scribe of (the) pledge memorandum. (On the recto:) The written band of the pledge memorandum for Pasis the elder son of Premanoubis. P3-i-ir-p3-ntr Eunomos son of Dionysios.