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APIS Translation (English)

P. O.I. 25261 (P. Chic. Haw. 10) recto: (1) Year 1, first month of the season peret, of Pharaoh [Pto]lemy, son of Ptolemy and Arsinoe Philadelphos (sic), the gods Adelphoi, (2) Berenike, the priest of [Alex]ander and the gods Adelphoi, the gods Euergetai, being (3) Nikanor, son of Bakkhios, while [Ari]stomakhe, the daughter of Ptolemaios, is the Kane-(4) phoros before Arsi[noe Phil]adelphos. Has declared the choachyte of Pharaoh Maara Maara (sic) (5) Maara, son of Nakhtpara, whose mother is [Ta]remtet-..., to the god's sealer and embalmer Ankhmerwer, son of Pase, (6) whose mother is Horankh: ''You have given to me 1 silver (deben), its half being 5 kite, being 1 silver (deben) again, as your half share from the 2 silver (deben) (7) about which you wrote a document for me together with Nakht, son of Pa[ti]sobek. I have received the 1 silver (deben) above from you. My heart is satisfied therewith, (8) they being paid in full, without remainder. [I] have nothing of [any]thing in the world against you on account of the aforementioned document with regard to (9) your half share. [As for him who might] come [against you concerning] it, I will make him withdraw from you of necessity, without delay, (10) I (still) having a claim of Nakht [son of Pati]sobek, with regard to the [1] sil[ver](deben) in accordance with the] document above. I have nothing in the world (11) against you on account [of] it from [today onward...],'' ... Djehutywah, son of Nakhthorkheb(?), has written. (12) There has written Maa[...]... Hor...[...].