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APIS Translation (English)

OIM 13767, recto: Spell for the sky, spell for the earth, spell for the air, spell for the firmament, spell for the Pleiades, spell for the sun, spell for the moon, spell for the birds, spell for the ring for the father, spell for which Jesus Christ was bound upon the wood of the cross, spell of the seven speeches which Hiliseos said over the heads of saints, whose names are: Psukhou, Khasnai, Khasnai, Thouni, Anashes, Shourani, Shouranai. May the spell happen to the male member of Pharaouo and his lust, and may you dry it up like wood and make it like a rag on the dung-heap. May his penis not harden, may it not become erect, may it not ejaculate! May he not have intercourse with Touaien, daughter of Kamar, or any other woman, man or beast until I myself cry out; but may it dry ou[t] the male member of Pharaouo, the son of Kiranpolis! May he not have intercourse with Touaein, daughter of Kamar, (he being) like a dead man put into a tomb! May Pharaouo, son of Kiranpolis, not be able to have intercourse (OIM 13767 verso:) with Touaein, Daughter of Kamar! Yea, yea, quickly, quickly! [translation by T. G. Wilfong]