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APIS Translation (English)

OIM 17618, recto (page 3): (1) A book (2) of tales from a (3) Thousand Nights. There is neither strength (4) nor power except in God the (5) Highest, the Mightiest. OIM 17618, verso (page 4): (1) In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate. (2) NIGHT (3) And when it was the following night (4) said Dinazad, "O my Delectable One, if you are (5) not asleep, relate to me the tale (6) which you promised me and quote striking examples of the (7) excellencies and shortcomings, the cunning and stupidity (8) the generosity and avarice, and the courage and cowardice (9) that are in man, instinctive or acquired (10) or pertain to his distinctive characteristics or to courtly manners, Syrian (11) or Bedouin. (12) [And Shirazad related to her a ta]le of elegant beauty (13) [of So-and-So the ? and] his [f]ame (or [c]raft) (14) [ sh]e becomes more worthy than they who are (or do) not (15) [ or] else more crafty (or malicious) than they. (16) [ (traces only at the end of the line)]