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APIS Translation (English)

"I beseech, I adjure, I beg you, holy Martyrs,;I Theodora, this wronged woman,;I bring this indictment against Jor and his wife,;I cast myself down before your good selves,;That you may do my will with Jor and his wife,;And smite them and scatter them abroad,;And that the curse, and the worm and the scattering abroad may overtake them,;And that the wrath of God may overtake Jor and his wife and all that is his,;And that a great tribulation and a great outcry may come upon his house and his wife.;May you lay your hands upon him,;And may the mighty hand and the exalted arm descend upon them all at once, him and his wife.;Holy Martyrs, may you hasten and execute my judgment upon them.;Send your powers and your miracles.;Holy Martyrs, may you execute my judgment . . . . Koloje."