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26 P. Palau Rib. Lit. = Trismegistos 63855 = LDAB 5069 = michigan.apis.2369

APIS Translation (English)

" ]it will stand still; if I order the moon, it will descend; if I wish to prevent the day, night will linger on for me; and again, if we demand the day, the light will not depart; if I wish to sail the sea, I have no need of a ship; if I wish to move through the air, I shall become weightless. For love alone I find no drug, none with power to create it, none with power to abate it. For the earth in fear of that god bears no such plant. But if anyone has it to give, I beseech, I implore, "Give it to me-I wish to drink it down, I wish to rub it on." A fair image is appearing to your daughter you say, and this seems strange to you? But how many others have fallen in love with outlandish creatures . . . [ "