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APIS Translation (English)

In the name of Al[lah;In the name of Allah the merciful [and the compassionate;This is a writing for YusȦf ibn Ibra[hëm of the year ;six and sixty two hundred as[cribe]d to [the] year seve[n;and sixty and two hundred. I[b]rahëm ibn (Faìrë) of;the people of al-TȦrah wrote it for him. Verily I asked the agent of Aámed ibn Muáammad;that he rent to me ten faddans of fa(llow) [land], soil of what;was in the hand of AndȦnah in the past years, for ten;dinars fresh weight measures of the cash of the treasury, and it was weighed;out, 10,;rented at one dinar for each feddan. Herewith he granted that to me.;And he rented this land to me after my acknowledgement of it. And whatever I increased;will be a reckoning of what is my register. And whatever I fallowed, its khar��j is incumbent;upon me, on condition that I fulfill my khar��j together with the installments (tuȦl) of the sultan, my Allah strengthen him;And it I not with deduction to me in my soil and in what - - - my register.;And it was written;In dhȦ al-oa ada of the year six and sixty and two hundred;And there is no poll tax (jaliya) on me in this [ and he wrote] with his own hand.;;faddan 10 dinar 10 rented at 1;Year 266.