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o.mich.1.522 = HGV O.Mich. 1 522 = Trismegistos 42303 = michigan.apis.616

DDbDP transcription: o.mich.1.522 [xml]

AD311 Karanis

ἐν θ(ησαυρῷ) κώμης Καρ(ανίδος)
γενή(ματος) ιη (ἔτους) μετέβ(αλε) Πτολλᾶς
Σαραπίωνος εἰς ὁρμου̣(*)
Κερκὴ ὀ̣νό(ματος)
5Διοσκόρου ὀνη(λάτου) πυροῦ
ὄνο(υς) β.
(ἔτους) ιθ ((s-etous)) καὶ ζ ((s-etous)) καὶ ε ((s-etous)) καὶ β ((s-etous))
Μεχεὶρ ιβ.


^ 3. l. ὅρμον

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APIS Translation (English)

In the granary of the village of Karanis, of the crop of year 18, Ptollas, son of Sarapion, has shifted to the harbor of Kerke, through Dioskoros the donkey-driver, 2 donkeys of wheat. Year 19 and 7 and 5 and 2 <read: 3>, Mecheir 12.