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Original BP record

Index: 141.4 670 752
Index bis: 141.4 P. Mich. Inv. 3249
Titre: Youtie Herbert C., P. Mich. Inv. 3249.
Publication: ZPE 31 (1978) pp. 173-175 et pl. V a-b.
Résumé: Recto. Petition submitted by a widow, who laid claim to her dowry by virtue both of inviolable imperial decrees and of an agreement made with her by her husband. - Verso. Short letter, concerned entirely with agricultural operations. - Provenance unknown, 2nd cent. A.D.
S.B. & S.E.G.: S.B. XIV, 12201-12202.
No: 1978-0594


52900. Herbert C. Youtie, "P. Mich. Inv. 3249.," ZPE, 31 (1978), pp. 173-175. [xml] [edit]

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