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Original BP record

Index: 141.4 680 690
Index bis: 141.4 P. Berol. Inv. 7347
Titre: Rea John R., Proceedings before Q. Maecius Laetus, praef. Aeg., etc.
Publication: JJurP 19 (1983) pp. 91-101.
Résumé: Record of proceedings largely concerned with the misuse of torture. The date (probably 16 January, A.D. 207) makes it clear that the proceedings before Laetus are cited in connexion with some later transaction, perhaps subjoined to a petition which is lost. - On the back three columns in very rough cursive.
S.B. & S.E.G.: S.B. XVI, 12949.
No: 1983-0514


56012. John R. Rea, "Proceedings before Q. Maecius Laetus, praef. Aeg., etc.," JJurP, 19 (1983), pp. 91-101. [xml] [edit]

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SB XVI 12949