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Original BP record

Index: 145.4 / 145.5 146 215 610
Index bis: 145.4 / 145.5 P. Bubastos I, 4
Titre: REA John, A Letter of the Emperor Elagabalus.
Publication: ZPE 96 (1993) pp. 127-132.
Résumé: P. Bubastos I, 4. The content of the Latin letter in col. XXIX indicates that it is an imperial letter, probably the letter of Elagabalus referred to in col. XXX. There may be some reason to connect the imperial letter with the divorce of Iulia Aquilia Severa, some time before the adoption of Severus Alexander on or about 26 June 221. Why was the imperial letter included in a file which relates to business between the strategus and the dioecetes? - Transcription with minimal restoration of col. XXIX.
S.B. & S.E.G.: S.B. XXII, 15625.
No: 1993-0621

Provisional output

63432. John Rea, "A Letter of the Emperor Elagabalus.," A Letter of the Emperor Elagabalus., (1993). [xml] [edit]

Mentioned Texts

  • P. Bubastos I 4
  • SB XXII 15625