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Original BP record

Index: 145.4 364 Epistulae 751
Index bis: 145.4 P. Oxy. III, 531
Titre: LUKASZEWICZ Adam, Ὄνησις ἀπὸ βιβλίων.
Publication: JJurP 24 (1994) pp. 97-103.
Résumé: Paper given in Warsaw on the 6th october 1992 during a session dedicated to the memory of Zbigniew Borkowski. - The true student of the Oxyrhynchus letter, P. Oxy. III, 531 (II century A.D.) and his imaginary counterpart of the Philogelos, Anecdote 55.
No: 1994-0519


64127. Adam Łukaszewicz, "Ὄνησις ἀπὸ βιβλίων.," JJurP, 24 (1994), pp. 97-103. [xml] [edit]

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