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Original BP record

Index: 145.13 / 145.4 243
Index bis: 145.13 / 145.4 C.P.R. XX, 1
Titre: CLACKSON Sarah, Something Fishy in CPR XX.
Publication: ArchPF 45 (1999) pp. 94-95.
Résumé: The χοῖρος should be identified with a fish belonging to the schall family, most probably the Synodontis schall which is still commonly found in the Nile today. Revised version of the ostracon C.P.R. XX, 1 (Coptic-Greek).
No: 1999-0044

Provisional output

68167. Sarah Clackson, "Something Fishy in CPR XX.," Something Fishy in CPR XX., (1999). [xml] [edit]

Mentioned Texts

C.P.R. XX 1