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Original BP record

Index: 146 364 Epistulae
Titre: SMOLDERS Ruben, Two Archives from the Roman Arsinoites.
Publication: ChrEg 79 (2004) Nos 157-158, pp. 233-240, 1 tabl.
Résumé: Two archives: the first contains the correspondence of Apollonios, an estate manager in Bakchias in the period of the Flavii (16 texts); the second deals with the files of Hatres and Isas, two ἀλλόφυλοι leasing fields in Philadelpheia, A.D. 276-314 (8 texts).
No: 2004-0879


73648. Ruben Smolders, "Two Archives from the Roman Arsinoites.," ChrEg, 79 (2004), pp. 233-240. [xml] [edit]