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Original BP record

Index: 145.4 146 364 Epistulae 416
Index bis: 145.4 P. Princ. Inv. GD 9554; 9555 P. Princ. II, 19
Titre: CLARYSSE Willy, The Archive of Euphron. Avec résumé en anglais.
Publication: AncSoc 35 (2005) pp. 129-134.
Résumé: Abstract: Reedition of P. Princ. II, 19, a papyrus letter belonging to an archive from the Cynopolite nome and dating from the second century BC. The writer of the letter is called Pasinous, a rare Greek name typical of Crete. - P. 129, n. 1: correction to P. Princ. Inv. GD 9554-9555 (= S.B. XX, 14185-14186).
No: 2005-0204


73999. Willy Clarysse, "The Archive of Euphron. Avec résumé en anglais.," AncSoc, 35 (2005), pp. 129-134. [xml] [edit]

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