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Original BP record

Index: 145.4 660
Index bis: 145.4 B.G.U. IV, 1149; VI, 1246 P. Vindob. Graec. Inv. 374
Titre: ALONSO José Luis, The Alfa [sic, lire: Alpha] and Omega of Hypallagma.
Publication: JJurP 38 (2008) pp. 19-51.
Résumé: I. The chronological frame of hypallagma. - II. Hypallagma discovered. - III. The function and structure of hypallagma. - IV. The Alexandrine synchoreseis and the handing over of the title-deeds. [Considers in part. B.G.U. IV, 1149.] - V. The function of the conveyance of the title deed. - VI. The term hypallagma. - VII. The Ptolemaic hypallagma. [Considers in part. B.G.U. VI, 1246.] - VIII. Hypallagma in the literary sources. - IX. A hypallagma in the fifth century? [P. Vindob. Graec. Inv. 374 (= S.B. XXVI, 16729)].
No: 2008-0010


76853. José Luis Alonso, "The Alfa [sic, lire: Alpha] and Omega of Hypallagma.," JJurP, 38 (2008), pp. 19-51. [xml] [edit]

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