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Index: 145.4 146 364 Epistulae Homerus Magica
Index bis: 145.4 P. Flor. II, 259
Titre: COLLINS Derek, The Magic of Homeric Verses.
Publication: CP 103 (2008) pp. 211-236.
Résumé: The main principles on which the use of Homeric verses for magic is based, the rationale of Homeric verses in magic, and the occurrences of Homeric verses in contexts not immediately associated with magic. - Pp. 227-228: the quotation of Iliad II, 1-2 in P. Flor. II, 259, a letter from the Heroninos archive.
No: 2008-0135


76979. Derek Collins, "The Magic of Homeric Verses.," CP, 103 (2008), pp. 211-236. [xml] [edit]

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P. Flor. II 259