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Original BP record

Index: 141.4 145.4 714
Index bis: 141.4 P. E.E.S. Misc. Inv. I 82a 145.4 P. Alex. 32
Titre: GONIS Nikolaos, Victor, Bishop, and His Evasive See.
Publication: JJurP 38 (2008) pp. 113-118, 1 fig.
Résumé: Ἔγγραφος ἀσφάλεια, 1 May- 31 December 528. One of the parties is a bishop (Apollinopolis Minor, Antaeopolis?) called Victor, acting through his notary. It is possible that this Victor in the bishop attested in P. Alex. 32.
No: 2008-0302


77146. Nikolaos Gonis, "Victor, Bishop, and His Evasive See.," JJurP, 38 (2008), pp. 113-118. [xml] [edit]