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= Trismegistos 100148 = LDAB 10797

DCLP transcription: 100148 [xml]


column i

[τὸ ιζ τνβ 𐅵 γ´ ιζ´ λδ´ να´ φ(όλλεις)(*) λε δ´ λδ´ ξη´]
[τῶ(ν) α ιζ´]
[τῶ(ν) β ιβ´ να´ ξη´]
5[τῶ(ν) γ ιβ´ ιζ´ να´ ξη´]
[τῶ(ν) δ ιβ´ ιε´ ιζ´ ξη´ πε´]
[τῶ(ν) ε δ´ λδ´ ξη´]
[τῶ(ν) ϛ γ´ να´]
[τῶ(ν) ζ γ´ ιζ´ να´]
10[τῶ(ν) η γ´ ιε´ ιζ´ πε´]
[τῶ(ν) θ 𐅵 λδ´]
[τῶ(ν) ι 𐅵 ιζ´ λδ´]
τῶ(ν) ια 𐅵 ιβ´ λδ´ να´ ξη´
τῶ(ν) ιβ 𐅵 ιβ´ ιζ´ <λδ´> να´ ξη´
15τῶ(ν) ιγ 𐅵 δ´ ξη´
τῶ(ν) ιδ 𐅵 δ´ ιθ´(*) ξη´
τῶ(ν) ιε 𐅵 γ´ λδ´ να´
τῶ(ν) ιϛ 𐅵 γ´ ιζ´ λδ´ να´
τῶ(ν) ιζ [α]
τὸ ιθ [τιε 𐅵 δ´ λη´ οϛ´] φ̣[(όλλεις)](*) [λα] 𐅵 ιθ´ <λη´>
column ii
[τῶ(ν) α ιθ´]
[τῶ(ν) β ι´ ρϙ´]
[τῶ(ν) γ ιε´ κ´ νζ´ οϛ´ ϙε´]
[τῶ(ν) δ ε´ ϙε´]
5[τῶ(ν) ε δ´ οϛ´]
[τῶ(ν) ϛ δ´ ιθ´ οϛ´]
[τῶ(ν) ζ γ´ λη´ ριδ´]
[τῶ(ν) η γ´ λ λη´ νζ´ ϙε´]
[τῶ(ν) θ γ´ ιβ´ λη´ νζ´ οϛ´]
10[τῶ(ν) ι 𐅵 λη´]
[τῶ(ν) ια 𐅵 ιθ´ λη´]
[τῶ(ν) ιβ] 𐅵̣ [ιβ´] λ̣[η]´ [οϛ´ ριδ´]
τῶ(ν) ιγ (δίμοιρον) νζ´
τῶ(ν) ιδ (δίμοιρον) ιθ´ νζ´
15τῶ(ν) ιε 𐅵 δ´ λη´ οϛ´
τῶ(ν) ιϛ 𐅵 δ´ ιθ´ λη´ οϛ´
τῶ(ν) ιζ 𐅵 γ´ λη´(*) ριδ´
τῶ(ν) ιη 𐅵 γ´ ιθ´ λη´ ριδ̣´(*)
τῶ(ν) ιθ α

column i
[τὸ ιγ υξα 𐅵 κϛ´ φ(όλλεις)(*) μϛ ζ´ ϙα´]
[τῶ(ν) α ιγ´]
[τῶ(ν) β ζ´ ϙα´]
[τῶ(ν) γ ϛ κϛ´ λθ´]
5[τῶ(ν) δ δ´ κϛ´ νβ´]
[τῶ(ν) ε γ´ κϛ´ οη´]
[τῶ(ν) ϛ γ´ ιγ´ κϛ´ οη´]
[τῶ(ν) ζ 𐅵 κϛ´]
[τῶ(ν) η 𐅵 ιγ´ κϛ´]
10[τῶ(ν) θ (δίμοιρον) λθ´]
[τῶ(ν) ι 𐅵 δ´ νβ´]
[τῶ(ν) ια 𐅵 γ´ οη´]
τῶ(ν) ιβ 𐅵 γ´ ιγ´ οη´(*)
τῶ(ν) ιγ α
τὸ ιδ υκη 𐅵 ιδ´ φ(όλλεις)(*) μ̣β̣ 𐅵 γ´ μβ´
τῶ(ν) α ιδ´
τῶ(ν) β ζ´
τῶ(ν) γ ζ´ ιδ´
20τῶ(ν) δ δ´ κη´
τῶ(ν) ε γ̣´(*) μβ´
column ii
[τῶ(ν) ϛ γ´ ιδ´ μβ´]
[τῶ(ν) ζ 𐅵]
[τῶ(ν) η 𐅵 ιδ´]
[τῶ(ν) θ 𐅵 η´ νϛ´]
5[τῶ(ν) ι (δίμοιρον) κα´]
[τῶ(ν) ια 𐅵 δ´ κη´]
[τῶ(ν) ιβ 𐅵 γ´ μβ´]
[τῶ(ν) ιγ 𐅵 γ´ ιδ´ μβ´]
[τῶ(ν) ιδ´ α]
[τὸ ια φμε γ´ ια´ λγ´ φ(όλλεις)(*) νδ´ 𐅵 κβ´]
[τῶ(ν) α ια´]
τῶ(ν) β̣ ϛ´ ξϛ´
τῶ(ν) γ δ´ μδ´
15⟦τῶ(ν) γ
τῶ(ν) δ γ´ λγ´
τῶ(ν) ε γ´ ια´ λγ´
τῶ(ν) ϛ 𐅵 κβ´
[τῶ(ν) ζ 𐅵 ια´ κβ´]
20[τῶ(ν) η (δίμοιρον) κβ´ ξ]ϛ´


^ r.i.2. or φ(όλλεων)(?)
^ r.i.16. l. ιζ´ (corr)
^ r.i.21. or φ̣[(όλλεων)](?)
^ r.ii.17. l. ιθ´ (corr)
^ r.ii.18. l. 𐅵 γ´ ιβ´ νζ´ οϛ´ (or γ´ ιβ´ λη´ οϛ´ ριδ´)(*) (corr)
^ v.i.1. or φ(όλλεων)(?)
^ v.i.13. corr. ex   ̣η
^ v.i.16. or φ(όλλεων)(?)
^ v.i.21. corr. ex   ̣
^ v.ii.11. or φ(όλλεων)(?)

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  • 2.

    The conventions of require that the ticks indicating fractions be printed with the number, but on the papyrus they are collected at the end of the line (one tick for each fraction). In addition, the symbol for ἥμισυ employed on the papyrus is a sinusoid S, not the 𐅵 deployed by