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Trismegistos 129988 = LDAB 129988 = chicago.apis.32

APIS Translation (English)

P. O.I. 14046, recto: (1) [....] Sinan on te authority of my grandfather on the authority of Wahb ibn Munabbih the Yamanite. (2) [....] the beginning of creation when Allah caused it to rise .... (3) [....] and the earth until the Pentateuch was sent down to Moses (4) [.... Wahb sai]d that he had read seventy-two books of the books of (5) [the prophets. And the books that were sent down from heaven to] all the prophets were a hundred and four books. (6) [Of these to Seth the son of Adam a book of fifty] leaves and to Idris a book of thirty (7) [leaves and to Abraham a book of twenty leaves and] to Moses the Pentateuch and to David the (8) [Psalms and to Jesus the Gospel and to Muhammed - may Allah bless him] and give him peace - the Furqan. (9) [.. (the leaves of Abraham) .. were sent] down on the first night of the month of Ramadan. (10) [.. (the Pentateuch) ..] of the month of Ramadan after the leaves of Abraham by nine hundred years. (11) [.. (the Psalms) ..] of the month of Ramadan after the Pentateuch by five hundred [years.] (12) [.. (the Gospel) ..] of the month of Ramadan after the Pentateuch by a thousand and [? years.] (13) [And the Furqan (was sent down) to Mohammed - may Allah bless him and grant] him peace - on the twenty-fourth of [the month of] (14) [Ramadan after the ........] and five and twenty years. And ........ (15) [........] in the Night of Power. What ........ (16) [........ Mohammed - may Al]lah bless him and grant him peace. (17) [........] so that every Night of Power of ........ (18) [........] and the Quran was sent down to him during twen[ty (years)] (19) [.... Mohammed - may Allah bless him and grant him pe]ace. P. O.I. 14046, verso: (1) [Wahb mentioned on the authority of I]bn Abbas ..... [Mohammed] (2) may Allah bless him and grant him peace. And the prophets were [a hundred and twenty four thousand. The Apostles] (3) among them were three hundred and fifteen. Of these [five were Hebrew - Adam, Seth, Idris, Noah,] (4) and Abraham; and five were Arabs - Hud, Sal[ih, Ishmael, Shuaib, and Mohammed - may Allah's blessings be upon them.] (5) The first prophet of the Children of Israel was Moses and the last of them [Jesus, the Apostle of Allah - may Allah bless him] (6) and grant him peace - said to his Companions on the Day of Badr, ''You are the same number as that [of the company of Talut and as that of the Apostles. Among the prophets] (7) is he who hears the voice and heads it, he to whom re[velation is made (in a dream or trance), and he who is (directly) spoken to .... (8) comes to me as a man comes to his friends in gar[ments white.... (9) His head like a mass of curls and his hair as [coral.... (10) on it, and two headbands of beautiful pearls [.... (11) green. And the form on which he was formed [.... (12) And the Prophet - peace be upon him - said to him, ''I desire to see you in your own form [...'' (13) and he filled the space between the two horizons. And [.... (14) of the children of Israel except fifteen prophets. Among these [were .... (15) [and Ab]raham and Ishmael, and Isaac and Jaco[b.... (16) [Mohammed] may Allah bless him and grant him peace [.... (17) [....] Allah on the prophets of Allah and on the[m..... (18) Wahb mentioned on the authority of Ibn Abbas that the first thing that Allah created was the [pen.... (19) his pen is lightning and his book is light. Allah most high looks [into it every day three hundred times [.... (20) and causes to die and to live, humbles and exalts, and lifts up people [....