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= P.Herc. 573 = Trismegistos 130194 = LDAB 130194


This papyrus has been digitally edited by Claudio Vergara (CISPE) and revised by Vincenzo Damiani as part of the Project Anagnosis and the Würzburger Zentrum für Epikureismusforschung

DCLP transcription: 130194 [xml]

title subscriptioP.Herc. 573 subscriptio
Unrolled 1994 by Inger-Johanne Krog

[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]νου
[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]η̣να̣
[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]ρισ  ̣ [⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]

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