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132 = Trismegistos 59048 = LDAB 143


This papyrus has been digitally edited by Marina Paciullo and revised by Holger Essler as part of the teaching in papyrology at Würzburg.

DCLP transcription: 59048 [xml]

ὁ υἱὸς τὼν(*) υἴτηο(*) παδέρα(*)
φωνόσας(*) καὶ τοὺς νώμου(*)
φωβηθὴς(*) ἔφιγεν(*) ἰς(*) ἐρημία-
ς(*) καὶ τιὰ(*) τῶν   ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣


^ r.1. l. τὸν
^ r.1. l. ἴδιον
^ r.1. l. πατέρα
^ r.2. l. φονεύσας
^ r.2. l. νόμους
^ r.3. l. φοβηθεὶς
^ r.3. l. ἔφυγεν
^ r.3. l. εἰς
^ r.3-4. l. ἐρημία|ν
^ r.4. l. διὰ

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