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312 P. Köln Gr. 7 = Trismegistos 59695 = LDAB 799


Dioscorides, Materia medica IV 1, 1-2. Fragment (4 x 12 cm) is part of a papyrus sheet written on the verso across the fibers, the recto is blank. The upper margin (ca. 3.5 cm) is preserved, and the surviving 12 lines can be restored according to Dsc. IV 1,1-2 (Wellmann, vol. II, 1906). The medical text is written in an informal script assigned to the late 1st-early 2nd cent. AD.

(This papyrus has been digitally edited by Francesca Corazza as part of the Project "DIGMEDTEXT - Online Humanities Scholarship: A Digital Medical Library based on Ancient Texts" (ERC-AdG-2013, Grant Agreement no. 339828) funded by the European Research Council at the University of Parma (Principal Investigator: Prof. Isabella Andorlini). The digital edition is mostly based on the previous edition (M. Gronewald, P.Köln VII 312))

DCLP transcription: 59695 [xml]

[ἐστ]ι̣ καὶ πλείω<ν> χρῆ[σις·]
[ῥίζ]αι δ’ ὕπεισιν [λε-]
[πταὶ] ὡς ἐλλεβόρ[ου αἵ-]
[τινες ἔ]μετον φλ[ε-]
5[γματώδ]η κεινοῦσ[ι](*),
[μεθ’ ὑδρ]ομέλιτος
[πινόμε]ναι· τῶν
[δὲ φύλλω]ν διδότα[ι]
[πρὸς σπάσ]ματα, ῥή-
10[γματα καὶ] πρὸς τὰ[ς]
[ἐν ὑστέρᾳ] διαθέσ[εις]
[καὶ πνίγας ὑ]σ̣τερι[κάς]
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


^ 5. l. κινοῦσ[ι]

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  • 1.

    The papyrus text lacks the article ἡ before χρῆσις, unlike Dsc. I 4,1; III 46,1; 110,1; IV 10,1.

  • 9-10.

    The available space in the lacuna is insufficient to accommodate τὰ σπάσματα (MSS FH) or σπαράγματα (MSS R and A). Dioscorides' text includes the conjunction καὶ, cf. IV 182,3 Wellmann: καὶ ῥήγμασι, σπάσμασι δίδοται.