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P. Mich. 2.2 130 = Trismegistos 59984 = LDAB 1096 = michigan.apis.2206

APIS Translation (English)

So he who gives is innocent, for as he received from the Lord a service to perform, he has sincerely performed it, without distinguishing to hom to give or not to give.So this service, sincerely performed, becomes glorious in the sight of God. So he who renders it sincerely will live to God. So keep this command, as I have told you, so that your repentance and that of your family may be found sincere, and your heart clean and stainless. Mand. III. And again he said to me.;III,2. - - - ] For they received from him a spirit free from deceit. If they give this back a lying one, they have defiled the Lord's command and become defrauders of him.