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APIS Translation (English)

[Side 1:] They regard them as the cause of great blessings to others. *PANEGYRIC* *CONCERNING THE PEACE* All those who customarily come forward here say that the greatest things and the things most worthy of attention by the city are the things that they are about to advise you. Nevertheless, even if it were appropriate to preface some other matters with such words, it seems fitting to me, with respect to the present state of affairs [Side 2:] to make a beginning in this way. For we have assembled today concerning war and peace, which have utmost power in the life of men, and concerning which those who are counseled rightly necessarily manage better than others. So great, then, is the magnitude of the things for which we have come together. But I see that you do not give an equal hearing to the speakers, but you give attention to some, while to others not