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26 = Trismegistos 62104 = LDAB 3264


This text has been digitally edited by Oliver Donath and revised by Holger Essler as part of the Project Anagnosis and the Würzburger Zentrum für Epikureismusforschung

DCLP transcription: 62104 [xml]

fragment rImaged 2011 by [unidentified responsible individual]

οἱ δὲ σοὶ ὀφθαλμοὶ ἐμὰς [ὁδοὺς]
τηρείτωσαν· ἀλλότ[ριος]
[πίθος γ]ὰρ τετρημέ̣[νος ἐστὶν οἶκος,]
[καὶ φρέαρ σ]τεν̣[ὸν -ca.?- ]
[ca.13 lines missing]
fragment vImaged 2011 by [unidentified responsible individual]

[ -ca.?- ὕ]στερον περιπατήσης(*) γυ-
[μ]νότερ\ο/ς ὑ(*)πέρου
[τὸ δὲ] ἔσχατον ὥσ[περ ὑπὸ-]
5[ὄφεως] π̣επλ̣[ηγὼς -ca.?- ]
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^ v.2. l. περιπατήσεις
^ v.3. ϋπερου papyrus

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