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109 = Trismegistos 62505 = LDAB 3685


This papyrus has been digitally edited by Max Lee. Revision by Holger Essler as part of the Project Anagnosis and the Würzburger Zentrum für Epikureismusforschung.

DCLP transcription: 62505 [xml]

fragment FUnrolled 1781-1806 by [unidentified responsible individual]
Sketched 1781-1806 by Giovanni Battista Malesci

[- ca.4 -]οεισ  ̣[- ca.4 -Νέ-]
[με]σιν τ’ ὁ τὰ Κύ[πρια]
[γ]ράψας ὁμοιωθέ[ν-]
[τ]α χηνὶ κν(*) αὐτ[ὸν]
5δ̣ιώκειν, καὶ μιγό(*)ν-
[τα]ς ὠι̣ὸ̣ν τεκεῖν
[ἐξ] οὗ εἰ(*)νέσθαι τὴν
[Ἑλ]ένην. ὡς δθ(*)
[Λή]δας ἐ̣ρασθεὶo(*) [ἐ-]
10[γ]έ̣νετο κύκνος̣,
[Εὐ]ρώπης δὲ ταῦ-
[ρος], Λαμίας δὲ ἔ-
[πο]ψ, Δανάης δθ(*) φ(*)[υ-]
[σὸ]ς̣ καὶ πατ(*)’ Ἀπολ̣[λω-]
15[νίδηι] κδ(*)ὶ πδ(*)ρ’ Εὐ[ρι-]
[πίδ]η[ι] λέτ(*)ετ[αι]. [- ca.3 -]
[- ca.2 -]νπαρ̣[- ca.5 -]


^ F.4. l. αὶ (corr)
^ F.5. l. έν (corr)
^ F.7. l. γε (corr)
^ F.8. l. ὲ (corr)
^ F.9. l. ς (corr)
^ F.13. l. ὲ (corr)
^ F.13. l. χρ (corr)
^ F.14. l. ρ (corr)
^ F.15. l. α (corr)
^ F.16. l. γ (corr)

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HGV 62505 Translation (Englisch) [xml]

1  The author of the Cypria writes that having turned himself into the likeness of a goose he (i.e. Zeus) also pursued Nemesis, 5  and that after they had had intercourse, they produced an egg, from which was hatched Helen. When he became enamored of Leda, he became a swan, 10  and of Europa, a bull, and of Lamia, a hoopoe, and of Danae, gold. And both in Apollonides 15  and in Euripides it [this story] is told.