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basp.50.45 = HGV BASP 50 (2013) S. 45 = Trismegistos 13503 = berkeley.apis.733 = p.tebt.2.348

DDbDP transcription: basp.50.45 [xml]

AD 23 Tebtynis
[Reprinted from: p.tebt.2.348] P.Tebt. 2 348

Ἀκουσ[ίλ(αος)] Μύσ̣[θ(ῃ)] χειριστῇ
χαίριν(*). προ[οῦ σύ]μβολ(ον) Παεῦς(*)
Σ̣ο̣υν̣εὺς(*) βο̣  ̣(  ) [λ]α̣ο̣γ̣[ρ]α̣φίας
δεκά[το]υ ἔτ[ους] Τιβερίου
5Καίσα[ρο]ς Σε[βα]στοῦ Τεβτύ[ν(εως)]
ἀργυρίου ῥυπ(αροῦ) [δ]ρ[α]χμὰς δεκα-
, (γίνονται) ῥυπ(αροῦ) (δραχμαὶ) ιβ.
(ἔτους) ι Τ[ιβ]ερίο[υ Κα]ίσαρος
Σεβαστοῦ Χοι(ὰκ) ιγ.
10καὶ τῆι λ τοῦ Φαρμοῦθι δι\ὰ/
Ἀκουσιλ(άου) Τε̣(βτύνεως) λ̣α̣ο̣γ̣(ραφίας) δραχ(μὰς) δε[κάδυο,]
(γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) ιβ.


^ 2. l. χαίρειν
^ 2. l. Παεῦτι
^ 3. l. Σουνέως

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APIS Translation (English)

To Akousilaos, finance-agent, greeting. Paeus son of Souneus, assistant, has prepaid in accordance with a receipt (?) for the poll-tax of the 10th year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus at Tebtunis twelve drachmas of debased silver, total 12 dr. debased silver. The 10th year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, Choiak 13. And on Pharmouthi 5 through Akousilaos at Tebtunis twelve drachmas for poll-tax, total 12 dr.