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basp.53.70_7v = HGV BASP 53 (2016) S. 70 Nr. 7v = Trismegistos 703265

DDbDP transcription: basp.53.70_7v [xml]


As stated in the edition: "There seem to be traces of earlier writing across the fibers."

πρά(κτορσι) Σιναρυ µητροπ(ολιτικῶν) ὀνόµ(ατος) Ἥρωνος τοῦ καὶ Σαραπίωνος
γυµνα(σιαρχ ) καὶ τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ (ἀρτάβαι) β.

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