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AD 98-117 Karanis
[Reprinted from: p.mich.8.468] P.Mich. 8 468; CPL 251; ChLA 42 1217

Claudius Terentianus C̣ḷạụḍ[i]ọ Tiḅeri[ano pa-]
tri suo ed(*) domino plur[ima]m sal[utem]
ante omniạ ọpto te bene [val]ere que(*) m[ihi ma]
xime voṭ[a su]nt sciạ[s me p]ạter a[ccepisse]
5res quas mi(*) misisti per   ̣[  ̣  ̣  ̣]ium Th  ̣[  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣]
vetranum(*) et per Numesianuṃ   ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣
et palliolum et ago tibi gratias q̣uod me ḍigṇ[um]
habuisti ed(*) sequrum(*) fecisti mịṣị [ti]bi pater per
Martialem imboluclum(*) concosu[tu]m in quo
10habes amicla(*) par unu(*) amictoriạ [pa]r unu(*) saba-
na par unu(*) saccos par unu(*) \ẹ[t]/ sṭṛ[a]glum(*) lini[u](*)
emeram(*) aute(*) illuc con(*) culcitam(*) et pulbinọ(*)
et me iacentem(*) in liburna sublata ṃi(*) s[unt]
et abes(*) in imboluclum(*) amictorium sịngla-
15re(*) hunc(*) tibi mater mea misit [e]t acc̣ịpiạs
caveam gallinaria(*) in qua ha[bes] sunṭhes[  ̣  ̣]
vitriae(*) et phialas quinarias p[ar u]nu(*) et ca-
lices paria sex et chartas sc[holare]ṣ d[u]ạṣ
et in charta atramentum et c̣ạḷamos q̣[u]ị[nq]ụẹ
20et panes Alexandrinos viginṭi rogo te [p]ạ[t]ẹṛ
ud(*) contentus sis ista m[o]do si non ia[c]uisse(*)
speraba(*) me pluriam(*) tibi missituruṃ(*) [et]
itarum(*) spero si vixero rogo te pater si ṭị-
bi videbitur ut mittas mihi inde caligas cori
25subtalare(*) ed(*) udones par caligae autem nucl[e]a-
tae nugae sunt bis me im(*) mensem(*) calcio
et rogo ut mi(*) mittas dalabram(*) ea(*) q[u]am
mi(*) misisti optionem illan(*) mi(*) ab[s]tu-
lisse sed gratias illi ag[o me]ḷịọṛeṃ ạḷ-
30ịạmi(*) praestat ed(*) praeterea ọṛọ [et]
[rogo] ṭe p[ater u]t contiṇ[uo mih]ị
[resc]rib[as de] ṣaluṭem(*) t[ua]ṃ(*)
ṭẹ ḥạ[b]ere bọ[na](*) reac̣cept[a(m) s]ol
licitus suṃ autem de vịc̣[e] ịṇ do(*)
35nese(*) mihi rescribas et si deus
volueret(*) spero ṃe frugaliter
[v]ic̣ịturum(*) et in cohortem
[tra]ṇsferri hic a[ut]ẹm sene(*) aer[e]
[ni]hil fiet neque epistulae com-
40ṃandaticiae(*) nihil valunt(*) nesi(*)
si qui sibi aiutaveret(*) rogo pater
ud(*) continuo mihi rescribas
eḍ(*) [sci]as Carpum hic errasse ed(*)
ịṇṿ[e]ṇtus(*) est(*) Dios in legione
45et a[cce]p̣isse me p̣rọ ịḷlo (denarios) VI
sal[u]tat te mater mẹạ ed(*) pater
eḍ(*) fratres mei et scias domo per-
b[e]ne omnia recte esse ṣal[u]ta
aprodisia(*) ẹṭ isituchen(*) sal[ut]a Ar-
50rium centurionem con(*) suịs ed(*)
Saturninum scriba(*) con(*) suis
et Capitonem centurione(*) con(*)
[s]ụ[i]s et Cassium optionem con(*) suis
[et t]urranium(*) op̣tionem con(*) suis
55[et Sal]ḷụstium con(*) [s]ụis et Teren-
ṭịụṃ gubernatoreṃ [e]t frontone(*)
con(*) suis et Sempronium hita-
lịcum(*) et puplicium(*) et severinu(*)
ẹṭ mar[c]ellu(*) collega(*) tuum et
60Ḷụcium saluta Serenum scriba(*)
[co]ṇ(*) suis saluta omnes contu-
bernales nostrous(*)
vale mihi
(perpendicular) bene valere te opto mult[i]ṣ annis
(perpendicular) 65felicissime im(*) perpetuo val(e)
[Claudius] Terentianụṣ Clauḍịọ Ṭịḅ[eriano]
[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]  ̣  ̣  ̣ Terentianus
[tr]ạḍ[e] C̣[l]ạ[ud]ịọ Ṭ[iberian]ọ p[at]ṛị
a Claudio Terentiano fịḷịọ


^ r,1.2. l. et
^ r,1.3. l. quae
^ r,1.5. l. mihi
^ r,1.6. corr. ex utranum
^ r,1.8. l. et
^ r,1.8. l. securum
^ r,1.9. l. involucrum
^ r,1.10. l. amicula
^ r,1.10. l. unum
^ r,1.11. l. unum
^ r,1.11. l. stragulum
^ r,1.11. l. lineum
^ r,1.12. corr. ex emaram
^ r,1.12. l. autem
^ r,1.12. l. cum
^ r,1.12. l. culcita
^ r,1.12. l. pulvinọ
^ r,1.13. l. iacente
^ r,1.13. l. ṃihi
^ r,1.14. l. habes
^ r,1.14. l. involucrum
^ r,1.14-15. l. sịngula |re
^ r,1.15. l. hoc
^ r,1.16. l. gallinariam
^ r,1.17. l. vitrias
^ r,1.17. l. [u]num
^ r,1.21. l. ut
^ r,1.21. l. ia[c]uissem
^ r,1.22. l. sperabam
^ r,1.22. l. plura
^ r,1.22. l. missurum
^ r,1.23. l. iterum
^ r,1.25. l. subtalares
^ r,1.25. l. et
^ r,1.26. l. in
^ r,1.26. l. mense
^ r,1.27. l. mihi
^ r,1.27. l. dolabram
^ r,1.27. l. eam
^ r,1.28. l. mihi
^ r,1.28. l. illam
^ r,1.30. l. mihi
^ r,1.30. l. et
^ r,2,ctr.32. l. ṣaluṭe
^ r,2,ctr.32. l. tua
^ r,2,ctr.33. l. bọ[na]m
^ r,2,ctr.34. l. domo
^ r,2,ctr.35. l. nisi
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^ r,2,ctr.37. l. victurum
^ r,2,ctr.38. l. sine
^ r,2,ctr.39-40. l. com |ṃendaticiae
^ r,2,ctr.40. l. valent
^ r,2,ctr.40. l. nisi
^ r,2,ctr.41. l. adiutaverit
^ r,2,ctr.42. l. ut
^ r,2,ctr.43. l. et
^ r,2,ctr.44. l. inventum
^ r,2,ctr.44. l. esse
^ r,2,ctr.46. l. et
^ r,2,ctr.47. l. et
^ r,2,ctr.49. l. Aphrodisiam
^ r,2,ctr.49. l. Isitychen
^ r,2,ctr.50. l. cum
^ r,2,ctr.50. l. et
^ r,2,ctr.51. l. scribam
^ r,2,ctr.51. l. cum
^ r,2,ctr.52. l. centurionem
^ r,2,ctr.52. l. cum
^ r,2,ctr.53. l. cum
^ r,2,ctr.54. l. [T]urannium
^ r,2,ctr.54. l. cum
^ r,2,ctr.55. l. cum
^ r,2,ctr.56. l. Frontonem
^ r,2,ctr.57. l. cum
^ r,2,ctr.57-58. l. Ita |licum
^ r,2,ctr.58. l. Publicium
^ r,2,ctr.58. l. Severinum
^ r,2,ctr.59. l. Mar[c]ellum
^ r,2,ctr.59. l. collegam
^ r,2,ctr.60. l. scribam
^ r,2,ctr.61. l. cum
^ r,2,ctr.62. l. nostros
^ r,2,md.65. l. in

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DDbDP transcription: chla.42.1217 [xml]

II spc Alexandria?
[Reprinted in:] C.Epist.Lat. 142

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APIS Translation (English)

Claudius Terentianus to Claudius Tiberianus, his father and lord, very many greetings. Before all else, I pray for your health, which is my special wish. Know, father, that I have received the things that you sent me by . . . the veteran and by Numesianus, the . . . and the short cloak (palliolum), and I thank you because you considered me worthy and have made me free from care. I have sent you, father, by Martialis a bag well sewn, in which you have two mantles (amicla), two capes (amictoria), two linen towels, two sacks and(?) a linen covering. I had bought the last together with a mattress and a pillow, and while I was lying ill on the ship (liburna) they were stolen from me. You have also in the bag a cape of single thickness; my mother sent this to you. Receive also a chicken coop, in which you have sets of glassware, two bowls of quinarius size, a dozen goblets, two papyrus rolls for school use, ink (for use) on the papyrus, five(?) pens, and twenty Alexandrian loaves. I beg you, father, to be content with that. If only I had not been ill, I was hoping to send you more, and again I hope so if I live. I beg you, father, if it meets with your approval, to send me from there low leathern boots (caligae) and a pair of felt socks (udones). Boots with buttons(?) are worthless; I provide myself with footgear twice a month. And I beg you to send me a pickaxe. The adjutant took from me the one that you sent me, but I am grateful to him for furnishing me . . . .;Moreover, I ask and beg you, father, to reply to me immediately about your health, that you have recovered your good health(?). I am worried about trouble at home(?) if you do not write back. And if god should be willing, I hope to live frugally and to be transferred to a cohort; but here nothing will be accomplished without money, and letters of recommendation have no value unless a man helps himself. I beg you, father, to send me a reply promptly. Know that Carpus came here in his wanderings and Dius was found(?) in the legion and I accepted 6 denarii on his behalf. My mother and my father and brothers salute you; and know that everything goes very well at home. Salute Aphrodisia and Isityche. Salute Arrius the centurion together with his family, Saturninus the clerk together with his family, Capito the centurion together with his family, Cassius the adjutant together with his family, Tyrannius the adjutant together with his family, Sallustius together with his family, Terentius the pilot, Fronto together with his family, Sempronius Italicus, Publicius, Severinus, your colleague Marcellus, and Lucius. Salute Serenus the clerk together with his family. Salute all our comrades. Farewell.;(In the right margine) I pray that you enjoy good health for many years with the greatest happiness forever. Farewell.;;(Verso) (2nd hand) [Claudius] Terentianus to Claudius Tiberianus.; . . . Terentianus; (3rd hand) Deliver to Claudius Tiberianus, my father, from Claudius Terentianus, his son.