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AD 98-117 Karanis
[Reprinted from: p.mich.8.471] P.Mich. 8 471; CPL 254; ChLA 42 1220

Traces 9 lines
10dico illi da mi(*) di[c]o ạ[e]s paucum ibo dico ad amicos
patris mei item ac̣u(*) lentiaminaque(*) mi(*) mandavit
nullum assem mi(*) dedit ego tamen inc̣(*) ebinde(*) col-
lexi(*) paucum aes eḍ(*) ibi(*) aḍ   ̣uaṛọc̣lum et   ̣g[  ̣]ịvan
et emi pauca que(*) ẹp̣ẹdivi(*) si aequm(*) tempus eṣset se exi-
15turum alexandrie(*) ṣ[i]luị[t] item non mi(*) d[e]dit aes quam
aureum matri mee(*) in vestimenta hoc est inquid(*)
quod pater tus(*) mi(*) mandavit quo tempus(*) autem veni
omnia praefuerunt et lana et matrem meam au-
te(*) praegnatam imveni(*) nil(*) poterat facere dende(*) pos(*) pau-
20cos dies parit et non poterat mihi succurrere item litem
abuit(*) Ptolemes pater meu(*) sopera(*) vestimenta mea et fa-
ctum est illi venire alexandrie(*) con(*) tirones(*) et me reli-
quid(*) con(*) matrem(*) meam(*) soli nihil poteramus facere
absentia illim(*) aḅit[u]ri mater mea spec[t]emus(*) illum
25dum venit et ven[i]o tequm(*) alexandrie(*) et deduco te
usque ad nave(*) Saturninus iam paratus erat exire
illa die qu[a]ndo tam magna lites(*) factam(*) est dico il-
li veni interpone te si potes aiutare(*) ptolemaeo(*) patri(*)
meo(*) non magis quravit(*) me pro xylesphongium(*)
30sed sum(*) negotium et circa res suas attonitus
exiendo(*) dico illi da m[i](*) pauqum(*) aes ut possim venire
con(*) rebus meis alexandrie(*) im(*) inpendia(*) negabit(*) se
abiturum(*) veni dicet(*) alexandrie(*) ed(*) dabo t[i]bi ego
non abivi mater ma(*) nos(*) assem vendedi(*) lentiamina(*)
35[u]t veniam alexandrie(*)
Claudio Tiberiano [pat]ṛ[i a Cla]ụḍ[io] Teren[tiano]


^ r.10. l. mihi
^ r.11. l. ac̣um
^ r.11. l. linteaminaque
^ r.11. l. mihi
^ r.12. l. mihi
^ r.12. l. hinc̣
^ r.12. l. abinde
^ r.12-13. l. col |legi
^ r.13. l. et
^ r.13. l. ivi
^ r.14. l. quae
^ r.14. l. ẹxp̣ẹtivi
^ r.14. l. aequum
^ r.15. l. Alexandriam
^ r.15. l. mihi
^ r.16. l. meae
^ r.16. l. inquit
^ r.17. l. tuus
^ r.17. l. mihi
^ r.17. l. tempore
^ r.18-19. l. au |tem
^ r.19. l. inveni
^ r.19. l. nihil
^ r.19. l. deinde
^ r.19. l. post
^ r.21. l. habuit
^ r.21. l. meus
^ r.21. l. supera
^ r.22. l. Alexandriam
^ r.22. l. cum
^ r.22. l. tironibus
^ r.22-23. l. reli |quit
^ r.23. l. cum
^ r.23. l. matre
^ r.23. l. mea
^ r.24. l. illinc
^ r.24. l. exspectemus
^ r.25. l. tecum
^ r.25. l. Alexandriam
^ r.26. l. navem
^ r.27. l. lis
^ r.27. l. facta
^ r.28. l. adiuvare
^ r.28. l. Ptolemaeum
^ r.28. l. patrem
^ r.29. l. meum
^ r.29. l. curavit
^ r.29. l. xylesphongio
^ r.30. l. suum
^ r.31. l. exeundo
^ r.31. l. m[i]hi
^ r.31. l. paucum
^ r.32. l. cum
^ r.32. l. Alexandriae
^ r.32. l. in
^ r.32. l. impendia
^ r.32. l. negavit
^ r.33. l. habere
^ r.33. l. dicit
^ r.33. l. Alexandriam
^ r.33. l. et
^ r.34. l. mea
^ r.34. l. nobis
^ r.34. l. vendidit
^ r.34. l. linteamina
^ r.35. l. Alexandriam

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II spc ?
[Reprinted in:] C.Epist.Lat. 146

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APIS Translation (English)

(9 lines) . . . I say to him, "Give me," I say, "a little money; I shall go," I say, "to friends of my father." In the same way, he turned over to me a needle and linens; he gave me not a single as. I, nevertheless, gathered a little money here and there, and I went to . . . and bought a few things that I wanted. He did not tell me that if there were a favorable opportunity he would go to Alexandria. Likewise he gave me no money, but an aureus for my mother, for clothing. "This is," he said, "what your father told me to do." When I came, everything was there, even wool(?); but I found my mother with child; she was able to do nothing. Then after a few days she gave birth, and she was not able to help me. At the same time, my father Ptolemaios had a quarrel about my clothes, and he happened to go to Alexandria with recruits and left me with my mother. Alone we were able to do nothing and by reason of his absence were about to leave that place. My mother (says), "Let us wait for him until he comes, and I go with you to Alexandria and take you to the ship." Saturninus was already prepared to leave on that day when so great a quarrel broke out. I say to him, "Come, intervene (and see) if you can help my father Ptolemaios." He paid no more attention to me than to a sponge stick, but (looked only) to his own business and his own affairs. In my astonishment, I say to him as he leaves, "Give me a little money foor expenses so that I may be able to go with my things to Alexandria." He denied that he had any. "Come," he says, "to Alexandria and I'll give it to you." I did not go. My mother, since she was without an as(?), sold(?) the linens so that I might go to Alexandria.;;(Verso) To Claudius Tiberianus, his father, from Claudius Terentianus.