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chla.4.269 = HGV P.Oxy. 4 720 = Trismegistos 20419 = chr.mitt.324 = p.oxy.4.720

DDbDP transcription: chla.4.269 [xml]

AD 247 Oxyrhynchus
[Reprinted from: p.oxy.4.720 | chr.mitt.324] P.Oxy. 4,720; Chrest.Mitt. 324

C(aio) Ualerio Firm[o praef(ecto) Aeg(ypti)]
ab aureliae(*) Ammo[nario].
rogo, domine, des mi[hi]
auctorem Aurel(ium) P̣[lutammonem]
5ẹ ḷege Iulia Titia eṭ ẹ ṣ(enatus(?)) c̣(onsulto(?)).
dat(um) d(ominis) n(ostris) Philippo Aug(usto) ii [et]
Philippo Caesari[s] c̣[o(n)s(ulibus)].
(hand 2) [Α]ὐρηλία Ἀμμωνάρι̣ον [ἐπιδέδωκα.]
(hand 3) [Α]ὐρήλι(ο)ς(*) Πλουτάμμ̣[ω(ν) εὐδοκῶ τῇ]
(hand 1?) (ἔτους) δ Τῦβι ι
(hand 4) quo ne ab [iusto tutore tutela]
abeat Pl[utammonem]
e leg(e) Iul(ia) et [Titia et ex s(enatus) c(onsulto) tutorem]
15do. (hand 5) leg̣i.


^ 2. l. Aurelia
^ 9. or [Α]ὐρήλιο(ς), Ch.L.A. 48,p.41 : [Α]ὐρηλια (l. Αὐρήλιος) prev. ed.
^ 10. l. αἰτήσει

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HGV 20419 Translation (Englisch) [xml]

(From: J. Rowlandson, Women and Society in Greek and Roman Egypt, 1998, no. 140a.)
1 (Latin) To Gaius Valerius Firmus, prefect of Egypt, from Aurelia Ammonarion. I ask you, my lord, to give me as guardian Aurelius Ploutammon in accordance with the lex Iulia et Titia and the decree of the senate. Dated in the consulship of our lords Philippus Augustus for the 2nd time and Philippus Caesar.
8 (Greek) I, Aurelia Ammonarion, have presented the petition. I, Aurelia (sic, for Aurelius) Ploutammon, assent to the request. Year 4, Tybi 10
12 (Latin) In order that … may not be absent, I appoint Ploutammon as guardian in accordance with the lex Iulia et Titia. I have read this.