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o.mich.1.234 = HGV O.Mich. 1 234 = Trismegistos 41999 = michigan.apis.502

DDbDP transcription: o.mich.1.234 [xml]

AD274/279 Karanis

Αὐρήλιοι Ἄριος καὶ Ἡρωνῖνος ἀμφό-
τεροι ἐπιμεληταὶ χόρτου κωμάρχαι
κώμης Καρανίδος Σαταβοῦτι καὶ
Μέλανι χαίριν(*). παρελάβαμεν πα-
5ρʼ ὑμῶν χροτου(*)δεσμὰς ὠκτα-
κοσίας(*) πεντήκοντα .
ἔτους ε Χοίακ κζ.


^ 4. l. χαίρειν
^ 5. l. χόρτου
^ 5-6. l. ὀκτα|κοσίας

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APIS Translation (English)

Aurelii Arios and Heroninos, both epimeletai of the fodder, (and?) comarchs of the village of Karanis, to Satabous and Melas, greeting. We have received from you eight-hundred and fifty bundles of fodder. Year 5, Choiak 27.