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o.mich.3.986 = HGV O.Mich. 3 986 = Trismegistos 9965 = michigan.apis.785

DDbDP transcription: o.mich.3.986 [xml]

AD 10 Karanis

(ἔτους) λθ Καίσαρος Μεσορ(ὴ) λόγ(ῳ) ἐπ(ιστατικοῦ)
διαί(γραψεν)(*) Ἀκουσίλ(αος) Μαρων(*) ἀργ(υρίου) (δραχμὰς) η


^ 2. l. διέ(γραψεν)
^ 2. l. Μάρωνος

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APIS Translation (English)

In the 39th year of Caesar, on Mesore, on the account of the epistatikon, has paid Akousilaos son of Maron 8'' drachmai of silver.