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o.nyu.13 = HGV O.NYU 13 = Trismegistos 869418

DDbDP transcription: o.nyu.13 [xml]

ἔτους λα Τυβ(ι) ιϛ τέ(τακται)
ταριχευ(τ- ) τοῦ αὐ(τοῦ) (ἔτους) Ἅρπβηκ(ις)
Σισό̣ι̣τος δέκα μίαν, (γίνονται) ια. Π̣  ̣(  ).

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HGV 869418 Translation (English) [xml]

1 Year 31, Choiach 20, has paid for tax on tarich(eut- ) of the same year, Harpekis son of Sisois, eleven drachmas of silver, that is, 11 dr. Pise(chthis ?). ( Translation: from edition with slight modifications)