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p.col.3.15 = HGV P.Col. 3 15 = Trismegistos 1735 = columbia.apis.p15

DDbDP transcription: p.col.3.15 [xml]

257 BC Philadelphia

Ἀπολλωνίδης ⟦Α⟧ Ζήνωνι χαίρειν. ἔγραψάς μοι δοῦναι <ἀντὶ> τῶν τεσσαρακοντα-
μναίων τῶν δύο στρωμάτων Κρίτωνι̣ τα(λαντιεῖον). ἐγὼ δὲ κατεσκεύασά σοι ἀντὶ τῶν τεσσα-
ρακονταμναίων δύο περιπόρφυρα πεντηκονταμ̣ναῖ̣α̣ ἀρίστης κρασπεδώσεως. καὶ εἰς ταῦτα τὰ
δύο εἴληφα παρὰ Κρίτωνος κάτεργον μὲν τῆς μνᾶς (ὀβολοὺς) β 𐅵, γίνεται(*) μνῶν ρ (δραχμαὶ) μα (τετρώβολον),
5καὶ εἰς βαφὴν ἀμφοτέρων τῶν στρωμάτων (δραχμὰς) κ καὶ̣ μισθὸν κρασπεδώσεως (δραχμὴν) α, τ[ὸ] π̣ᾶν (δραχμαὶ) ξβ (τετρώβολον),
καὶ δέδωκα αὐτῶι ἀμφότερα τά στρώματα. εἰς δὲ τὰ ἑπτὰ ἃ ἔγραψάς μοι κατασκευ-
άσαι ἔχω ἕως λόγου (δραχμὰς) υ. ἔστ̣αι οὖν ὥσπερ ἐφέσταλκας(*). συνηγόρακα δʼ αὐτῶι καὶ
τὰ ἱερεῖα.
⁦ vac. ? ⁩ ἔρρωσο. (ἔτους) κθ Παχὼνς κε.
10καὶ ἄλλου ὅτου ἂν χρείαν ἔχηις γράφε ἡμ[ῖ]ν̣.
(hand 2) Ἀ̣π̣ο̣[λλ]ω̣νί̣δη̣ς περὶ στρωμάτω̣ν
κα̣ὶ̣ ἱ̣ε̣ρ̣ε̣ί̣ων ὧν δέδ̣ωκεν Κρίτωνι.
(ἔτους) κθ Δαισίου κγ. ἐν Ἀρσινόηι.
(hand 1) Ζήνωνι


^ r.4. l. γίνονται
^ r.7. l. ἐπέσταλκας

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APIS Translation (English)

Apollonides to Zenon, greeting. You wrote me to give to Kriton, instead of the two mattresses of forty minas' weight, a mattress of a talent's weight. But I have had made for you, instead of those of forty minas' weight, two purple-bordered ones of fifty minas' with excellent seaming. And for these two I have received from Kriton as labor charge 2 1/2 obols per mina, total for the 100 minas, 41 drachmas 4 obols; and for dyeing of both mattresses, 20 drachmas; and pay for seaming, 1 drachma: total, 62 drachmas 4 obols. And I have given him both the mattresses. For the seven [mattresses] which you wrote me to have prepared, I have 400 drachmas, pending account. It will be carried out, therefore, as you have ordered. I have also bought up the pigs for him. Good by. Year 29, Pachon 25. And for whatever else you may need, write to me. [Verso:] Apollonides regarding mattresses To Zenon. and pigs which he gave to Kriton. Year 29, Daisios 23. In Arsinoe.