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p.col.3.53 = HGV P.Col. 3 53 = Trismegistos 1769 = columbia.apis.p53

DDbDP transcription: p.col.3.53 [xml]

250 BC Philadelphia

(ἔτους) λε Τῦβι δ. προσάγγελμα Ζήνω-
νι. νυκτὸς ἐκ τοῦ σιτοβολῶνος
ἀπόλωλεν σήσαμον καὶ λελέαν-
ται τῆι χειρί. διὸ οὐ δυνάμεθά
5πως ἐπιμετρήσαντες ἰδωμεν(*)
τὸ ἀπολωλὸς ἕως ἂν ὑμεῖς εἴδη-
τε(*) καὶ ἐναντίον ὑμῶν ἐπιμε-


^ 5. l. ἰδεῖν
^ 6-7. l. ἴδη|τε

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APIS Translation (English)

Year 35, Tybi 4. Notification to Zenon. Sesame has been lost by night from the grain bin; and it was ground by hand. For that reason I am unable to measure it out and see what was lost until you yourself see it and it may be measured out in your presence.