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p.col.4.90 = HGV P.Col. 4 90 = Trismegistos 1803 = columbia.apis.p89

DDbDP transcription: p.col.4.90 [xml]

243-242BC Philadelphia

ὑπόμνημα Ζηνοδώρου. ε[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]
νος τῶν παίδων [τ]ῶν πρότ[ερον ⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]
τῶν κατὰ Φιλαδέλφειαν   ̣  ̣[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣ πρὸς τ̣ῶι ταμ[ιείωι ⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]
μετὰ τοῦ βασιλικοῦ γρ(αμματέως) καὶ τοῦ κωμογρ(αμματέως) πρ[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]
5σιδήρου καὶ τῶν λοιπῶν τῶν παρακομιζομένω[ν]
εἰς Φιλαδέλφειαν συνέφ̣η διαφωνῆσαι δικ̣[έλ-]
λας ιε. Εὐκλῆς δέ με ὁ οἰκονόμος ἀναγκά[ζει]
ἀποκαταστῆσαι μόνον. ἐμοὶ δὲ προσοφείλετ̣[αι]
⟦μηνῶν⟧ ὀψώνιον τοῦ β (ἔτους) μηνῶν δ καὶ τοῦ
10γ (ἔτους) μην(ῶν) γ, (γίνονται) μῆνες ζ, ὡς τοῦ μηνὸς (δραχμαὶ) ε, (γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) λε,
καὶ ἱματισμον(*) (ἐτῶν) γ, ὡς τοῦ ἐνιαυτοῦ (δραχμαὶ) κ, (γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) ξ,
(γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) ϙε χωρὶς τῆς ἐλαιομετρίας. δέομαι οὖν
σου ὅπως αἵ τε δίκελλαι, ἐπειδὴ μόνος πράσ-
σομαι, ἀποκατασταθῶσ[ι]ν, αὐτός τε μὴ περι-
15σπῶμαι ὑπὸ τοῦ πράκτορος, συντάξαι Ἑρμαφίλωι
ἐπισκεψάμενον τὸ προσοφειλόμενον ὀψώνιον
καὶ ἱματισμὸν ἀποδοθῆναι ὅπως πρὸς τὰ ταμι-
ευτικὰ μηθὲν διαφωνῆι.
ἔστιν δὲ τὸ προσοφειλόμενον καθότι ἐπέδωκεν
20Ἀπολλώνιος ὁ γραμματεύς.
ἀπὸ Μεχεὶρ ἕως Παχὼνς τοῦ β (ἔτους) \ὀψώνιον/ χα(λκοῦ) (δραχμαὶ) κ
καὶ ἐλαιομετρία μην(ῶν) δ κο(τύλαι) η ἀν(ὰ) (διώβολον) β (τετρώβολον)
καὶ τοῦ γ (ἔτους) ἀπὸ Ἁθὺρ ἕως Τῦβι, μην(ῶν) γ ὀψώνι(ον) (δραχμαὶ) ιε
καὶ ἐλαιομετρία κο(τύλαι) ϛ ἀν(ὰ) (διώβολον) (δραχμαὶ) β
25καὶ ἱματισμὸς τοῦ β (ἔτους) χαλ(κοῦ) (δραχμαὶ) κ
καὶ τοῦ γ (ἔτους) ὡσαύτως χαλ(κοῦ) (δραχμαὶ) κ.
(hand 2) (γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) οθ (τετρώβολον). (γίνεται) κε(φάλαιον) μ ἀν(ὰ) β, (δραχμαὶ) π.
[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]  ̣ Ἀπολλωνίωι.


^ r.11. l. ἱματισμὸς

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APIS Translation (English)

Memorandum of Zenodoros. X (who has been placed in charge?) of the servants who formerly (worked about) Philadelphia, (checking?) at the store house the iron tools and the rest of the implements which are being delivered at Philadelphia, together with the royal scribe and the village scribe, has decided that fifteen mattocks have been lost, and Eukles, the oeconomus, is compelling me alone to cover the deficit. There is still owing me salary for four months of year 2 and for three months of year 3, seven months in all, at 5 drachmas per month-total 35 drachmas-and clothing allowance for three years at 20 drachmas per year-total 60 drachmas. Total 95 drachmas apart from the oil allowance. Therefore, in order that the mattocks may be restored, since the exaction falls upon me alone, and that I myself may not be dragged off by the praktor, I beg that you give orders to Hermaphilos that the money and clothing allowance due me be looked into and paid in order that there may be no deficit in respect to the store house accounts. The amount still owing, as Apollonios the clerk has presented it, is: fromMecheir to Pachons for year 2, salary, copper standard, 20 drachmas; and oil allowance for four months, 8 kotylai at 2 obols, 2 drachmas 4 obols; and for year 3, from Hathyr to Tybi, salary for three months, 15 drachmas; and oil allowance, 6 kotylai at 2 obols, 2 drachmas standard, 20 drachmas; and clothing allowance for year 2, copper and for year 3 likewise, copper standard, 20 drachmas. [2d hd.:] Total, 79 drachmas 4 obols. Sum total, 40 X 2, 80 drachmas. [Verso:] To Apollonios.