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p.col.7.125 = HGV P.Col. 7 125 = Trismegistos 10477 = columbia.apis.p164

DDbDP transcription: p.col.7.125 [xml]

AD307- Karanis

ἐξ ἀπογραφῶ[ν Σα]β̣είνου κ̣η̣ν̣σίτορ̣[ος]
κώμης Καρανίδος ε πάγου Ἀρ(σινοίτου) νο(μοῦ)
Ἀτῖσις Ἁτρῆ ἀπὸ Καρανίδος
ιη σφρα(γῖδος) ἐν τόπῳ Πααλαμα
5λεγομένῳ ἀπὸ κοινωνίας
Ἰσιδώρου καὶ Ἥρωνος
καὶ Ἑλένης ἰδιωτικῆς
σπορᾶς ιδ (ἔτους) (ἀρούρης) 𐅵 η´ ιϛ´ λβ´ ξδ´
ἀνατολῶν Ἰσιδώρου(*)
10δυσ̣μῶν χέρσο(ς) ξυλῖτις
γ̣ῆ διόλου

ἀπε̣γρά(ψατο) ἅμα ἄλλαις ἀρούραις


^ 6. Ἰ’σιδώρου papyrus
^ 7. ἰ’διωτικῆς papyrus
^ 9. corr. ex ι’ζισωρου : ι’ζισωρου papyrus

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APIS Translation (English)

Excerpt from the declarations (for the census of) Sabinus the censitor, from the village of Karanis in the 5th pagus of the Arsinoite Nome. Atisis son of Hatres from Karanis. Section 18, in the area called Paalama, in partnership with Isidoros and Heron and Helene, private land classed as arable in year 14, 47/64 ar. On the east, property of Isidoros; on the west, dry brush land continuously. He registered them with his other arouras.