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p.col.8.245 = HGV P.Col. 8 245 = Trismegistos 36174 = columbia.apis.p280

DDbDP transcription: p.col.8.245 [xml]

VIspc Oxyrhynchus

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2ὁ[μολο]γῶ̣ ἐσχη̣κ̣έναι [πα]ρὰ σοῦ
ἐντεῦθεν ἤδη̣ [χ]ρυσοῦ
νομισμ(άτια) δέκα τρίτον ἰδι(ωτικῷ) ζυγ(ῷ)
5γί(νεται) χρ(υσοῦ) νο(μισμάτια) ι γ´ ἰδ(ιωτικῷ) [ζ]υγ(ῷ) καὶ
ταῦτα ὁμολογῶ π̣αρα̣σχ(εῖν) σοι
ἐν οἴκῳ οὕτως· ἑπτὰ μὲν
νομισμ(άτια) πρὸ καιρ̣[ο]ῦ τρ̣ύγ(ης)
κατὰ ἑκατὸν σηκώμ(ατα) πεν̣ταξ(εστιαῖα)
10τοῦ ἑνὸς νομισμ(ατίου), τ[ὰ δὲ]
ἄλλα τρία τρίτον κ̣[ατὰ τὴν]
φανησομ(ένην) τιμὴν̣ [ἐν τῇ]
τρύγῃ τοῦ Μεσορὴ [μηνὸς]
τῆς παρούσης ἐνάτ[ης]
15ἰνδ(ικτίονος) οἴνου ῥύσεως τῆ[ς σὺν Θ(εῷ)](*)
δεκάτης ἐπινεμ(ήσεως) ἀνυπερθ(έτως)
σοῦ παρέχοντος τὰ
κοῦφα ἐνεχόμενος καὶ
εἰς τὴν καλλον̣ὴ̣ν τοῦ
20οἴνου μέχρι ὅ̣λ̣ου(*) το̣ῦ̣ Τῦβι
μηνός, δώσω̣ δὲ καὶ
ὑπὲρ ἀναλώμ(ατος) τῆ̣ς̣ τρ̣ύγ̣η[ς]
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24-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
[ -ca.?- ]νου ἀπὸ ἐποικ(ίου) [Μ]ε̣γ̣άλ(ης) Ταρουθίνου χρ(υσοῦ) νο(μισματίων) ι γ´ ἰδ(ιωτικῷ) ζ[υγ(ῷ)]


^ r.15. BL 13.71 : τῆ[ς] prev. ed.
^ r.20. BL 11.65 : τ̣έ̣λ(ους) prev. ed.

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APIS Translation (English)

- - - I acknowledge that I have received from you now immediately ten and a third solidi of gold by your private weight standard, total, 10 1/3 sol. of gold by private weight standard, and I acknowledge that I will repay these to you in your house as follows: seven solidi before the vintage at the rate of a hundred five-sextarius sekomata per one solidus, the other three and a third at the then known price at the vintage of Mesore of the present ninth indiction, from wine of the pressing of the tenth indiction without delay, with you furnishing the empty containers and me being responsible for the quality of wine until the end of Tybi; I will pay also on behalf of the expense of the harvest...